About Spiceworks

Four co-founders. A passion for technology. The drive to build something great together. Our challenge: IT pros had too much on their plates, IT products were too painful to use, and tech vendors were too hard to reach. This sparked an idea: How could we simplify the IT workday for millions of IT pros? And what could we do to “spice up” the IT industry?

That’s where I come in.

The world of IT Pros is vast, and the majority of the content that’s out there is pretty dry. My teammates and I are consistently tasked with ensuring our content is engaging, fun and easy to digest.


SpiceWorld: Powering IT Together

SpiceWorld is a tech conference for our IT Pros and Tech Vendors. It’s our community forum, but IRL. Every year we bring to life our community so our beloved IT Pros can learn, connect and party together alongside their favorite Tech Vendors.

From branding of the event, the creation of our large printed structures throughout the conference to all things digital, my goal with this project is to create an unforgettable experience for the people who matter the most: IT Pros. This year I wanted to give the brand a vibrant refresh. I wanted to make sure the electricity of the event was reflected in the brand.


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The Hub

The Hub resides in the center of SpiceWorld. It’s the largest branded piece of the conference. It serves as a home base where our users can interact with our Product and IT experts, learn about our products, and most importantly where our users can drop by and pick up some swag.

Every inch of this centerpiece is well thought out. Each year we gather feedback from our users as well as our IT Pros–what worked, what didn’t work, what can we do better, and what will make your experience interacting here an enjoyable one? Last year we got feedback that the Hub had too much going on on the floor, and didn’t make enough of an impact from across the room. Our users couldn’t see through the other side, and got lost in the maze of demo stations. This year, I wanted to do something drastically different by making the hanging banner the biggest it has ever been. The 40’ x 40’ banner was 5’ tall and was the first thing our attendees saw–it was visible across the entire exhibit hall, and was our most impactful Spiceworks brand piece.

We kept our demo stations low to the ground and concise. By opening up the floor plan and making the top so visually impactful, our attendees had a much smoother time navigating through and getting the help they needed.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 10.16.42 PM.png

One popular stop in the Hub: The Retail Shop.

spiceworks hat.png
spiceworks mens-polo.png
Design by Ryan Vatzlavick

Design by Ryan Vatzlavick

Design by Ryan Lewis

Design by Ryan Lewis

Design by Andrew Baron

Design by Andrew Baron


Outside of The Hub, the entire conference
was branded SpiceWorld 2018.