I was just about to say something...

It all started when...

I was 6 years old. I finished up my homework, and was getting ready to put the final touches on this work of art. I signed my name in the top-right corner, neatly stacking “Sarah” on top of “Pedregon”, left aligned the letters, and filled the negative space with an icon I was particularly fond of that day–usually a butterfly, heart or a flower–something that really defined me as a designer.

I’m 27, but I’ve spent 21 years of my life improving my craft. My goal is to continue to do what I love and to learn from every experience I have.

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Killer hand skills and creativity come to mind when I think about Sarah. I had the enjoyment of working with her on several projects while at Workhorse Marketing. Sarah’s ability to solve problems and deliver solutions were second to none. As a designer, Sarah earns my highest recommendation.
Patrick Lillard
Creative Director at Workhorse Marketing
Working with Sarah was fantastic. It’s not every day that you come across a young designer that is not only eager to design, but also one that is excited to learn. Sarah’s has an upbeat and kind personality, and is a very hard worker. She was always happy to take the critiques of others and use that information to make her work better. Sarah is talented and it shows in every piece she works on. Her work speaks for itself and anyone would be privileged to have her as part of their team.
Clarice Bajkowski
Sr. Visual Designer & Employee
Experience Lead at Spiceworks
I had the pleasure of mentoring Sarah at Job Propulsion Lab. From day one her tremendous talent, work ethic and passion for excellence inspired me. Her first project was an award-winning piece of typography and package design. She was just getting started. Every piece a work of art. It’s evident that Sarah is destined for great success. I would hire her without hesitation.
Bart Cleveland
ACES Branding
Ever-evolving. Constantly pushing. Never settling. If she continues at this rate she’s going to be downright deadly. Lookout world!
Ryan Goeller
Former Lead Designer at Guerilla Suit